In an effort to better serve all customers we are instituting this slab hold policy to ensure slabs are not being held unnecessarily. This will enable Pental Surfaces to better monitor stock and provide a wide variety of materials in a more timely and efficient manner. As always, we are open to your suggestions to better serve you.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patronage.

  • Slabs chosen by homeowners and designers with no specified fabricator will be held for a period of seven (7) days (including weekends).
  • The seven (7) day hold may be extended to a fourteen (14) day hold (from the date of the original hold) only upon your fabricator’s confirmation. PentalQuartz may be held for fourteen (14) days.
  • At the conclusion of the fourteen (14) day hold period fabricators will be given a notice via phone, fax and/or e-mail to release or pick up the material.
  • If Pental does not receive a response we will assume the hold is not valid and will release the slabs back into our available inventory.
  • Once we receive a confirmed purchase order, the hold can be extended to a cumulative total of 30 days, beginning on the day the slabs are first held. Within that time, the fabricator must pick up the slabs from our warehouse or pay in full. Slabs paid in full can be held in our warehouse an additional 60 days from the date of payment. If neither of these actions are taken, the hold will be released by our system.
  • Exclusions apply for Precioustone and specials.

  • Download the complete Slab Hold Policy.

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