Slate Natural Stone
Slate Natural Stone
Slate Natural Stone

Diverse, Affordable, Resilient. Made from Shale and clay, slate represents extreme color variation, making each piece an individual work of art. Quartzite, which has more of a sparkly sheen and is classified as an igneous and metamorphic stone, is the strongest and most durable of the slates. Slate is the most affordable of natural stones and is ideal for both modern and traditional, inside or outside. The design capabilities are limited to your imagination. It is a frost-resistant stone, although the darker slates will provide the greatest resistance to frost. Available in natural cleft finish, polished and tumbled.

NOTE: Product availability varies according to location. Please contact us for specific inquiries.
Natural Stone colors and sizes can vary significantly between slabs and the images here are not always representative of each available piece. We encourage customers to visit one of our locations to choose the slab that best fits your design needs.

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